Alberta Golf has identified the traditional path taken by a young golfer starting in the game of golf: Discover, Play, Compete, Connect.  Parents are instrumental in getting their kids started in golf and the golf industry offers a number of opportunities to try the game of golf. From the time children discover the game at driving ranges and mini putts to the inaugural tee shot at the golf course, parents are the ones navigating the rules, regulations, policies and procedures to determine each subsequent step.

An overview of the Provincial Golf Landscape can be downloaded here, including the various organizations involved.


Here is a basic outline of the traditional pathway:

Hit golf balls at a driving range or find a mini-putt where you can have tons of fun!
DISCOVER any age Visit our rent-a-hole program (a family golf festival) WOW!
PLAY 6 or 7 Think about signing up for a local club or city golf camp where you will have a blast!
PLAY 10 Novice golf begins… play in the U13 Provincial Championship
PLAY 11-14 Explore our Youth on Course Program and have fun!
COMPETE 11-18 Sign up for a McLennan Ross Alberta Junior Tour event… super fun for kids who are 11 to 18!
COMPETE 13 – 18 Bantams U15 Provincial Championship
Juvenile U17 Provincial Championship
Junior U19 Provincial Championship
CONNECT U18 Play golf for fun (even play for $5) and keep track of your scores… join our Youth on Course Program today!
CONNECT 18 When you are finishing high school make sure you apply for one of our post-secondary scholarships… FOR REAL!

And if you really enjoy the game…you can play golf competitively which is defined below:

Junior Competitive Pathway

Canada’s Junior Competitive Pathway is a valuable tool to assist players and parents in choosing appropriate competitions for junior aged players based on several factors including age, current tournament handicap and stage of development (based on the Long-Term Player Development Guide for Golf in Canada). The pathway also illustrates what level of PGA of Canada training / certification is recommended for coaching players at the various stages of development.

An online and interactive version of the Canadian Junior Competitive Pathway can be found by clicking here.